Gen Z Filmmaker To Release 'Multiplied' Evangelism Movie: May 20-21 (Hear our podcast)

Friday, April 19 2024 by Monika Kelly

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Multiplied Movie
Multiplied Movie

Chris Worthington is quick to share his own story of redemption. He was a depressed, suicidal teenager when his uncle invited him to a Hillsong concert, saying "they sound better than Pink Floyd; they're so professional, it's insane." 

Chris went to the concert and says that "for the first time in my life I felt like I was home. Instantly, I was set free." Chris understands that depression is very nuanced--discipleship, therapy and time help change things--but Chris says he was "literally set free in one second." 

The encounter with the spirit of God was profound. Chris says, "I met the Son of God and He loved me so much and the first thing he said to me with this fire-y love was 'you're mine."

Rather hear the story? 

Chris soon turned his passion for creating content into becoming a Christian filmmaker with his first effort, "This is Living" shown on Amazon Prime in 2018 and is excited about the upcoming theater debut of "Multiplied" out in theaters on May 20 and 21, 2024 through Fathom Events.

Director Chris Worthington uses Multiplied to document his earnest quest to find out what the future of evangelism look like. Following the Reverent Billy Graham's death, Chris wondered who would take up the mantle. He meets Daniel Kolenda, an American missionary and evangelist, whose led millions to Jesus at massive outdoor, worldwide events and follows Daniel as he shares the gospel.

The movie takes you on a hair-raising, fun-filled and earth-shattering adventure which brings the audience to a huge Christian gathering in Brazil, a overly dusty West-African sand storm, and watching the crew get accosted by criminals on the way to a 400,000-person Gospel event. 

Chris' hope? That we realize that it's no longer about just a few select evangelists bringing the gospel to the nations, but it's about all of us sharing Jesus wherever we go.

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